Christopher D. Johnston

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division, Office E4-159, Eastlake building, 1100 Fairview Ave N. Seattle, WA 98109-4433

Email:     Telephone: +1(206) 667-3508

Join the Johnston Lab 

We’re always looking for highly motivated, hard-working and enthusiastic people to come work with us. We especially encourage those from backgrounds poorly represented in STEM fields to apply to the lab.

Postdoctoral Research Training

Open postdoc positions in the lab will be advertised here. I also welcome inquiries from postdocs interested in applying for independent funding.

I especially encourage those from backgrounds poorly represented in STEM fields to apply to the lab.

Nov 15th 2019:

Post-Doctoral Fellow/Research Associate, Protein Engineering (dCas9) for Microbial Epigenetics

The Johnston Laboratory in the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is recruiting a highly motivated and creative Post-Doctoral Fellow/Research Associate to conduct research relating to microbial epigenetics, metagenomics and synthetic microbiology. The successful candidate will be involved in multiple funded projects that seek to create new technologies (dCas9 effectors) and methodologies to delineate and/or engineer the epigenetic landscape of the human microbiota. These projects will focus particularly on microbial communities that reside within human tumors and related clinical cancer specimens.

Here is the link to the full posting: NatureCareers

Nov 15th 2019:

Research Technician I – Microbiology/Bacterial Transformation

The Johnston Laboratory in the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division at Fred Hutch is recruiting a highly motivated and resourceful research technician with expertise in the genetic engineering/transformation of non-model bacterial species and general microbiology to join our cutting-edge microbial genomics efforts.


The position is intended to provide support for our ongoing microbial engineering projects and microbial technology developments, as well as supporting general laboratory responsibilities. The successful candidate will work with the PI and post-doctoral fellows using state-of-the-art approaches in synthetic microbiology and genomics in a highly collaborative, stimulating, and collegial research environment. The candidate will also assist in lab maintenance, including responsibility of ordering lab reagents/supplies and making of communal lab reagents. With interest and experience in our lab, the individual may assist with additional opportunities in research. This position will provide ample opportunities for professional development and the acquisition of cutting-edge skills in synthetic microbiology research, research planning and strategy, and data analysis and interpretation.

Specific duties may include:

  • Aerobic and anaerobic bacterial culture and stock maintenance, genetic engineering/transformation of the such strains.
  • Adhere to standard operating procedures (SOPs) for isolation and analysis of DNA and RNA from microbial specimens, including PCR, quantitative PCR, RT-PCR, and sequencing.
  • Maintenance of general lab supplies, consumables and equipment
  • Conduct diligent record-keeping and reporting
  • Ordering/cataloging of laboratories supplies and reagents
  • Presenting findings at internal (Johnston Lab) meetings
  • Other research or organizational duties, as appropriate

Here is the link to the full posting: FredHutchCareers